How to Start a Green Home Business

Aspiring green entrepreneurs take note: you don’t have to be stuck at your desk job working for someone else! There are green home-based business opportunities that could be both profitable, and good for the planet, giving you an alternative to the same old hum-drum life you’ve been living up until now. We’ve got all of the green home business basics to help you kick that rate race habit and start something new and fulfilling (and green!).

What is a Green Home Business?

At the very foundation of a green home business is the desire to achieve a triple bottom line – that is to benefit people, planet, and profit simultaneously. Green businesses are those that offer products and/or services that are good for those doing the work, good for those consuming what’s on offer, and good for our earth. It takes a lot of commitment to develop a green business based on the triple bottom line, but it’s far more rewarding than doing something that’s less that socially or environmentally beneficial.

Now, a green home-based business takes the concept one step further by allowing you to do this good green work from the comfort of your own home. So rather than commuting to and from an office or work site (which grows your carbon footprint by expending a lot of fuel to get you to your final destination), a green home-based business cuts the commute significantly. So your green home-based business is green from top to bottom!

Types of Green Home-Based Businesses

There are many types of green home-based businesses, depending on the particular industry you choose and your interests. We’ll go over some of the most basic here:

  • Green consulting: This is one of the most popular options for green home businesses. As a green consultant, you will offer your expertise to people looking to create a more sustainable home, lifestyle, or business. For instance, you may consult a corporation on how to reduce waste, save energy, and cut back on water consumption. You can easily run this kind of business from home simply by setting up a home office and then meeting your clients’ in their homes or offices.
  • Green services: Perhaps you have skills in eco-friendly cleaning. Or you have expertise on creating waterwise gardens and landscape designs. Or maybe you have an eye for green interior design. Or perhaps you’re an amazing cook and can create delicious vegetarian delights. Whatever your service skill, you can likely turn it into a green home-based business. Just be sure you’ve got the space at home to store and/or create the work you need to do!
  • Eco cottage industries: Many entrepreneurs start their eco products business as a home based cottage industry. Maybe you have a knack for making beautiful, natural beeswax candles. Or your friends love the organic, herbal skin care products you make as a hobby, and you are thinking about making it a business. Or perhaps you can grow drought-tolerant plants from your huge backyard. If you’ve got a special product you are able to create in your own home, why not make that your full time job? These kinds of home-based businesses will require a home office and sales system, but the majority of your work will be in selling your products and producing enough to meet demand.

How to Set Up a Green Home Business

Regardless of which kind of green home-based business option you select, you’ll need to do some legwork to get yourself set up before you start earning money. Most importantly, you should start by writing a business plan in order to get all of the various logistical aspects worked out ahead of time. This will ensure you’ve thought through all of the issues your business will need to address in order to be successful, including staffing, financing, legal matters, and logistical support.

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